How to raise "shrimp gold" to the shrimp industry conference
Column:Company news Time:2017-05-24
The white prawn in South America has always been an important breed of aquaculture in yubei sea. After years of price competition and industrial shuffling, the market picked up momentum last year.

Greenhouses South America white shrimp will put seedlings, yu group, foshan branch and jintong aquatic professional cooperatives to prepare related matters, concentration at a "shrimp industry conference", offer for South America white shrimp farming output, at the same time for the interactive win-win cooperation opportunities.

The "shrimp industry conference", more than 300 farmers have never met before

On the morning of March 24, yu group, foshan branch (feed co., LTD., shunde district, foshan city, is building) joint (shaoxing, zhejiang province shangyu OuJinTong aquatic professional cooperatives) in fifth floor drain sea zhenhai yue hotel lobby jointly held a "shrimp industry conference" - South America white shrimp farming technology training! Contributing Yuan Ninghai foshan branch general manager yu group, zhejiang shangyu OuJinTong fishery co-operatives of Pan Jinfeng, vice director of Pan Jiangfeng, shangyu area administration fisheries technology promotion center Wang Chaolin teachers attended the conference.

The TV station in shaoxing city, zhejiang province was tracked and filmed on March 25 and 26 March.

In order to do a good job in the more than 300 people meeting, shangyu jintong aquatic professional cooperatives pan brothers and yu group, zhejiang area sales manager Yuan Dengfeng obliged to organize the grand meeting!

Conference hall gathered, jollification, who face dark tidal marsh shrimp farming hears, who comes to attend the distinctive "shrimp industry conference", listen to South America white shrimp farming points in recent years, the feelings of shrimp industry production the key essentials. More than 350 people were invited to the meeting of 260 people. The "shrimp industry conference", which involves the vital interests of raising people, has been passed down by word of mouth. More than half, and a lot of farmers are coming.

Pan Jinfeng kicked off, said: danger north seawall farming in South America white shrimp for over ten years, with the growing amount of inland aquiculture, prices dropped year by year, and year of seawall breeding, shrimp disease also increased, the survival rate is reduced, again a few years ago by importing cheap shrimp, shrimp farming days very sad. Between 2014 and 2015, about 80 per cent of farmers lost money, and some of the money they had made back went back, some of them had a lot of debt and some of the shrimp farmers went back home to farm. After two years of vicious competition and industry shuffling, the remaining farmers are more rational and more focused on science and technology.

Industry experts say that China's fisheries industry is now in a transition period, too fast, with structural excess and cheap farmers. Lead to vicious competition, product homogeneity for penetration rate is too low, breeding technology and the theory of breeding pattern or be hard to fall to the ground, or difficult to replicate, lay particular stress on marketing from seedlings, forage breeding mode to the circulation, the imperfection of the standard. At present, the cultivation mode selection and optimization, for the healthy and sustainable development of aquaculture industry, has had a huge impact.

Science farming, "shrimp gold" help

Meeting the founder yu group, foshan branch general manager Mr Yuan Ninghai on fermented feed in South America white shrimp farming application of professional technology, fermentation feed's contribution to ecological environment, and the successful cases of the application of fermented feed. The "shrimp gold", which is promoted and matched, was responded to by the big farmers.

'zhengyu is the first enterprise in the country to specialize in the fermentation of micro-organisms,' said yuan ninghai. Zhengyu "shrimp gold" is a Chinese patented product that helps to adjust the intestinal tract of live shrimp and help absorb and absorb the water quality of shrimp ponds. Since 2010, it has been in danger for seven years, has been well received by the farmers, and has sold 400 tons in the shangyu district. This year, through the "shrimp industry conference", we will offer a large discount and promotion to help many farmers to increase their production and increase their efficiency.

According to introducing, yu "shrimp gold" is a new type of bacteria living biological feed, by the research and development of the Chinese academy of sciences, by raw material with high concentration of the bacteria constant temperature anaerobic fermentation, produce is conducive to digestion and absorption of energy substances and enzymes, improve the level of breeding, reduce the risk of breeding. The use of "shrimp gold" can improve the conversion rate of feed, reduce the use of drugs, shorten the breeding cycle and improve the overall return.

In the process of farmed fish and shrimp and a crab turtle, long-term use of fermented feed water algae bacteria will reach balance, quickly generate (biological floccules), aquaculture species intestinal thick, healthy, quality stable, long-term use of is to supplement the beneficial bacteria in water for a long time, enzyme, lactic acid, small peptide, make advantage bacterium, vibrio, harmful bacteria such as salmonella, mold can't implant, so as to achieve disease prevention effect!

Mr. Yuan ninghai was also in the meeting to discuss the techniques of white prawn farming in South America, and fully dissected the life habits and pest control of white prawn in South America. And points out that more farmers are not insist to use "gold" shrimp culture period, some customers just use during seedling stage within 30 days, we have a large amount of data cases, adhere to the full use "gold" shrimp, breeding success rate will rise greatly!

The meeting invited shaoxing, zhejiang province shangyu area administration fisheries technology promotion center Wang Chaolin teacher South America white shrimp farming technology, he advocated is greater than the prevention, with bacteria, bacteria, let advantage bacteria war brought harmful bacteria, disease-preventing properties! Guidance in recent years, South America white shrimp farming technology main points, focus on practical teaching content, involves cleaning HaTang, seedlings seedlings, feeding, disease prevention and control of water quality regulation, feed and daily management, etc.

Shrimp gold "so well, attracted the active participation of the bank. Tyrone shangyu small micro enterprise specializing in commercial Banks in zhejiang branch, introduce farmers loan business, for farmers tailored related loans. The customer will be confirmed" borrowed "feed, introducing product features, application materials, form a complete set of feed purchase, provide a series of favorable credit support services, create a new bright spot.

After the meeting, the general manager of yuan ninghai was interviewed by yu yu TV

After the meeting, the leaders had lunch together with farmers, at the request of cooperatives and breeding large, yu group, foshan branch for breeding large a benefit order surprise, but also to participate in the activities of prize draw, a seething scene, everyone eager order, the order amount quantity reached more than 1.7 million yuan;

A lot of customer feedback this meeting is their most meaningful meeting, let them benefit greatly, have very big harvest! Thanks to the general support of pan, the head of the fishery professional cooperative, yuen yuen. Thanks to shangyu administration fisheries technology promotion center, the television station staff, shangyu area and busy behind the scenes before the hard work of all, the closing the meeting got a great success!

I wish the farmers a good harvest!