Zhengyu shrimp gold, breeding more advanced!
Column:Company news Time:2017-05-24
March 27th in the morning, after get our shrimp gold products, ma is according to our technical specialist approach to feeding: every time feed with water in the no. 1

Use the golden rain of shrimp not to be surprised!

Of a



Shaoxing, zhejiang province

The seedling time

On February 14,

HaTang area

30 mu

Next, let's witness!


Before use:

There is no vitality in the algae, the viscosity of the water and the foam on the surface of the water.

The nitrite test is above normal.

Shrimps are slow to eat and have broken sections of the gut

It is easy to be frightened by the feeding and pouring process


After use:

The shrimp are obviously fast and eat much more,

The intestinal tract is obviously thickened, the broken section is almost no, the coprolites are small and not smelly, and the feces are made into strips, which are good for improving the intestinal environment of the shrimp and promoting digestion and absorption.

Effectively inhibit the growth and reproduction of harmful algae such as cyanobacteria, improve the water quality, and the water quality becomes more beautiful and long-lasting, the water quality becomes fresh and fresh, and the water color is stable.

The gold of zhengyu shrimp effectively decomposes the feces of the pond, reduces the contamination of the fecal feces, and the nitrite test also drops significantly.

5. Shrimp gold eased the burden of the liver, shorten the turn liver period, clearly visible white shrimp liver membrane, enhance immunity, reduce the incidence of shrimp, greatly improving the survival rate of shrimp.


In the case of rain, thunder, light, pond, sound, etc. Stimulate less stress.

Yu shrimp gold features: is the use of worm of plasma protein and soybean meal fermented, rich in insect antimicrobial peptides, small peptide, vitamin, amino acid and the living bacterium, lactobacillus, yeast, bacillus, streptococcus faecalis, compound enzymes and other organic acids and unknown growth factor, and can promote to gather the food, protect the gut, highly active, promote growth, stable water quality, achieve high benefit, is a kind of high environmental protection, high quality, highly active new microorganism fermentation feed without resistance.

A revolution in shrimp feed