Yu to research and development of new and high technology, timely tracking the latest development in the field of animal nutrition at home and abroad, with the latest patented technology in the production of high quality biological fermentation products, vigorously develop green feed resistance, a third generation feed swing, do green feed products.

Yu has always been adhering to the "wide win, co-prosperity, happiness" business philosophy, product sales covering guangdong, guangxi, hainan, hunan, hubei, east China and southeast Asia countries, six provinces and one city with users, distributors and suppliers to create environmental protection green feed.

Is the spirit of "unity, learning, hard work, dedication, loyalty, self-confidence", is really around the stage for everyone - employees proud of yu, yu was proud of employees, and yu is different because of you! We strongly advocate the high virtue of "thick virtue", and always insist on the principle of "to be honest, to develop the right path, to produce all the good products".

Yu's goal is to use sophisticated biological science and technology, management, service, improve the level of breeding, reduce the production cost, improve the environment for human survival, for the society to provide healthy, delicious animal products, aquatic products, make China the largest and most advanced environmental protection green feed enterprises.